Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you aren’t aware that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness  Month by now, then odds are you are secluded on some island somewhere and this blog won’t matter to you anyway.  Pink is everywhere.  They are asking you to donate at the grocery store, lots of people are wearing pink ribbons, and yes folks, even the NFL, has gone pink.  As a football fan, I have to say it’s a little odd to see a bunch of grown mammoth men wearing pink, but I can understand why.

Breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, is a very serious issue.  Hundreds of thousands of people suffer every year from these diseases and billions of dollars are spent every year on diagnosing, testing, and treating these conditions.  Still, despite this fact, we still seem to be seeing an increase in the incidence of almost all cancers despite continuing to spend more money to diagnose, test, and treat these patients.  The same is true with almost all lifestyle diseases.  Whether it be obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol problems, depression, acid reflux, etc. we are noticing a gradual increase every year and every year we are being asked for more and more money to help find the next cure for everything.

Why is it that we are continually spending and spending and spending, yet we don’t seem to be making headway?  Well, for one thing, I’m not sure that big pharma wants a cure for anything.  The worst thing they could have is cures because that would put them out of business.  Don’t believe me? Check out “The ‘Pink’ Fraud”, an excellent review of the history of BCAM.

The next major problem is that drugs and surgery never address the cause of why your body has gone into adaptive physiology to begin with.  We have all been told that your body randomly breaks down and we believed it despite the fact that there is no evidence to back that up.  The reality is that all evidence points the other way, that we are designed to adapt to get better.  So why then are we getting more cancer, heart disease, cholesterol problems, etc?  It’s due to lifestyle choices.  We live a life here in America where we think we can do what we want and there will never be any consequences.  We think that it’s ok to have a Big Mac everyday while all we do is sit and watch television while we dwell on how we got cut off in traffic 6 hours ago and how mad that makes us.

The point I’m trying to make here is that we can’t start to eliminate these problems until we start to change the way we are attacking them.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  We can’t keep coming after cancer with the same way of treating things and expect different results.  We need to start using the money for research to actually educate people on what they need to do not to get cancer, rather than waiting until people have the disease.  That’s why I do what I do.  I want people to know that you don’t have to get cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. That if you can change your belief systems, you can live the most amazing healthy life you could ever dream of.  So the next time you want to “Think Pink,” think about what choices you made today that are moving you towards getting cancer.

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC


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3 Responses to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. 6 Karlynn Wighaman says:

    Thank you…. I was thinking the very same thing as I sign up for the Koman Race for the Cure.I was wondering if we dont already have a cure just by living a different healthy lifestyle?..It may not be 100% but it would be a large percentage.. My thoughts go back to the movie Erin Brockavitch (sp?) How did those people get cancer?… Thru toxic dumping.. Its environmental..The majority of Cancer doesnt just happen. Hardly ever heard of anyone having cancer when I was a child. Now.. 3 of our family of 5 has had cancer.
    The changes of lifestyle are dramatic.. and its hard when surrounded by no-one really who thinks this way. Dare I speak of the this to people?? I”m not a Dr. I have no initials behind my name… what are the facts… So I need to find a 5K.. that will put the donations to good use thru education..

  2. 6 Karlynn Wighaman says:

    what is your recipe for lifestyle changes? You read pro’s and con’s on just about everything.. take for example soy. I used soy milk when I was going thru menapause.. it took the hot flashes away. I didnt drink it in excess.. maybe a half a cup a day. It was organic non GMO. What about Edamamme?..Just some thoughts

  3. I generally teach the principles Eat Well, Move Well, and Think Well. Wellness is a totally different paradigm than the allopathic view of things. The paradigm differs as to what are you doing that is driving you toward sickness, rather than what have I got and what is the drug or surgery? During school, I underwent training under Dr. James Chestnut ( on these very topics. As a wellness practitioner, my goal is to teach people very simple things to do to help drive them toward health and wellness and away from sickness and disease. As far as soy goes, I have read a lot on how soy tends to increase levels of estrogen in your body as well as can be detrimental toward thyroid, etc. I hope this helps.
    Dr. Ashley

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