As of today, I am entering the last year of my 20’s. Man has time flown by.  It seems as if just yesterday I was getting ready to walk across the stage from high school, yet here I am 10 years later and now have achieved greater things than I could ever imagine.  It’s really interesting to look back on the things that have happened the last 10 years and how life changes.

When I was in high school, I always thought I was going to be an olympic  athlete.  Lofty dreams, I know, but my dreams nonetheless.  When I was in high school, I was a pretty good athlete.  I was able to compete in the state championship in track and field where I came up .05 seconds shy of the gold.  I figured college would just continue along that path and eventually I would be attempting to run for my country.  However, when I got to college, I realized EVERYONE was as good as me.  Still, I managed to do fairly well.  My junior year of college I placed 5th at our outdoor national meet.  I felt with hard work, that could easily be a 1st the following year.  Life, however, had different plans.

That following summer, when I was 21, I got married to the greatest woman in the world and we began preparing for the birth of our first daughter.  Becoming a dad was far greater than any athletic achievement I could have dreamed.  My life as dad and husband changed me to the point that I wasn’t able to continue along the athletic path that I had hoped, but it began my journey that lead me here. I graduated right after she was born and started working towards my life.

When I was 23, my wife and I found out about our second child coming.  Her birth was truly a blessing from God.  During labor, we found out that Bella had the cord wrapped around her neck.  This was very scary for me as I had an older brother that died during birth from this very thing.  A slew of nurses and doctors came in to take my wife back to the operating room with a lot of urgency for an emergency c-section.  Right before she left, she was only 50% ready according to the doctors.  I immediately called everyone I knew and we began to pray like crazy!  Then the most amazing thing happened, we got to the O.R. and the nurse came out to get me and said that the baby was there and she was born without surgery!  It was truly awesome!

Prior to her birth, we decided to move away for a little while and went down to Houston where I became a personal trainer.  It was there that I met Dr. Mark Hopkins and he challenged my beliefs on health and what it truly means to be healthy.  At the same time, my oldest daughter began having health problems brought on by poor medical practices.  All of these events helped to steer me toward chiropractic school.

Chiropractic school was easily the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It required more work than anyone ever needs to do in that short of a time period.  Most days ended up being 7-7 with school work which left me little time for my family but truly challenged me professionally.  That still didn’t include the endless hours of studying that it required to master all the work.  Despite all that, the reality is that chiropractic school still doesn’t give you all the necessary tools to treat patients so I had to work in seminars on the weekend.  It was at these seminars that I learned the things that truly help and touch patients.  School is good.  It gives you the basis for what you need to know, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to put it all together.

Now I am here, at Allen Chiropractic Neurology.  Here I get to apply everything I’ve learned over the years to help people.  That is one of the greatest feelings ever, to know that someone trusts you with their health and well-being.  And on top of that, my wife and I are expecting our 3rd child!  Life truly is wonderful!!!

Looking back now as I begin my last year in my 2o’s, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown.  I feel like I’ve come so far, yet still see the road ahead very long, but wide open!  God has been so gracious to me thus far, and I can’t wait to see what he holds for me in the future!

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC


About allenchiropracticneurology

At Allen Chiropractic Neurology, we understand that successful health care is the result of treating the whole person, not an isolated symptom. ACN provides corrective and preventative care for neurological conditions, such as vertigo, carpel tunnel or nerve problems. Our holistic,non-invasive and drug-free treatments are specifically designed to help you eliminate symptoms and achieve long-term health and vitality. * Neck, back, shoulder and leg pain * Whiplash * Sports injuries * Migraines * Infants and children's exams * Neurological conditions
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