The Joys of Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is already here.  It seems like just yesterday we were in the 100 degree days of summer.  Well, this is Texas and winter isn’t that much different.  In fact, yesterday was the first day of winter and we were in the mid 80’s.  Not what you think about when you consider Christmas, but it’s reality nevertheless.  This Christmas is different for me than many that have come before me.

To start with, this November my wife and I celebrated the birth of our 3rd daughter Sophia.  Being a dad is amazing.  I love my kids beyond just about everything else.  My older two, Tea (6) and Bella (4) are overly excited.  They have been counting out the days for the last 2 weeks.  They constantly are creating new ornaments for the tree and singing songs.  To see the innocence is unbelievable.  This is different than previous Christmases though because for the first time in 4 years, I have been out of school and working rather than enjoying Christmas break together.  It makes you glad that you had those times and at the same time makes you miss them.  One of my  favorite things is to watch them opening their presents.  Now I do all that I can to make them understand that Christmas is more about giving than getting presents, but to see the unbelievable joy is so incredibly wonderful.

Another big change is that I have the privilege of seeing so many wonderful patients.  What I get to do on a daily basis isn’t like work to me.  I get to see transformation before my eyes.  I get to see kids with ADD start excelling in school, people with chronic pain find relief, people with balance issues going on with normal lives, things we often take for granted.  Growing up, I  always saw work as a necessary evil.  That you go and put your time in and when you can’t take anymore, you go home.  I can honestly say I don’t feel that way.  The impact we make on people’s lives can be seen by the abundance of Christmas goodies we have received from thankful patients.  Those are wonderful gifts in my opinion.  People took time out of their busy schedules to think of us and tried to bless us as we have blessed them.  Now I’m going to have to put in a little more workout time, but still, it’s always nice to know you’re appreciated.

I hope that you can truly be as blessed this Christmas as we are!

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC


About allenchiropracticneurology

At Allen Chiropractic Neurology, we understand that successful health care is the result of treating the whole person, not an isolated symptom. ACN provides corrective and preventative care for neurological conditions, such as vertigo, carpel tunnel or nerve problems. Our holistic,non-invasive and drug-free treatments are specifically designed to help you eliminate symptoms and achieve long-term health and vitality. * Neck, back, shoulder and leg pain * Whiplash * Sports injuries * Migraines * Infants and children's exams * Neurological conditions
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