It’s in your Genes

Or at least that’s what we’ve been told.  You have been sold the idea that you are sick because your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, whatever the case may be, have all been sick.  We have this belief that we are slave to our genes and that the reason we continue down the same path as our parents/other relatives is that we were born that way.  In the last few days, I have been studying a video series by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph. D., a cellular biologist and author of the book The Biology of Belief.  In this series, Dr. Lipton examines the idea that genes are our destiny and shed’s light on what science actually says. In what follows, I will be summarizing Dr. Lipton’s findings and throwing in my own two cents here and there.

From the time of the ancient Greeks, there has always been a battle between people regarding what controls the body.  There are those that say there is some outside force and there are those that say that the real control comes from inside the body.  The idea of genes as destiny as we know today, began with a popular publication by Charles Darwin called The Origin of The Species.  Darwin’s book, written in 1859 mentions that our traits are controlled by “hereditary factors.”  His belief was that whatever was expressed by an individual was passed down from their parents.  Now Darwin didn’t know about genes necessarily at that time, but he did recognize that something was being passed from the parent to the offspring and whatever that was gave characteristics to the offspring.  So for approximately the next 100 years, science was on a mission to find the material that determined what was being expressed.

In 1953, almost 100 years after Darwin, the work of Watson and Crick led them to find that DNA, or your genes, formed the blueprint of your body.  During those 100 years, the idea of heredity became so ingrained in our society that became truth to all who were researching it.  The belief was that DNA led to RNA which led to Protein.  The idea is that your DNA ultimately leads to the production of protein and that all of your cells, and every function of your body (ie, respiration, digestion, etc.) is controlled by these proteins.  This resulted in a belief system called “The Primacy of DNA.”  This meant that you, and all of your functions were derived from DNA, therefore, you are destined to whatever genes you have received from your parents and their parents and their parents, etc. This belief system is still taught from elementary school all the way to medical school today.  This belief system basically means that you are a victim to your DNA.  You didn’t pick your genes, and you can’t trade them out either.

This belief system has been in place for over 150 years now and has led us to the point where we are today.  This is the belief system that our ENTIRE healthcare system has been founded on.  This is important because if this is truth, and if it is the belief system we choose to follow, then it will influence how we do everything.  It influences how we look at research, how we educate our society from children to doctors, and how we choose to treat those with issues.

So is this actually the case? We’ll go further into this in part 2 of this blog later.

Yours in Health,
Dr. James Ashley, DC


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