How Did We Get Here?

As a healthcare practitioner, I am constantly running across research for just about every condition known to man.  My view on health is different from your medical doctor.  I don’t believe that our sickness is necessarily caused by bad germs, bad genes, or bad luck, but rather bad choices in most cases.  I don’t see the value in constantly trying to treat symptoms as a way to increase health because minimizing symptoms has NEVER increased health!  That is a fundamental difference in wellness vs. allopathy.  You need to understand that.  Still, in their world, research is always done looking at how well a particular treatment addresses particular symptoms.  I want to examine one such study.

Recently, at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 58th Annual Meeting exercise was used as a treatment for GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).  You can read the abstract above if you desire.  To summarize, the researchers took 30 female patients with GAD and wanted to see how good of a treatment exercise was for that particular condition.  My question is, how did we get here?  When did exercise become a “treatment” for anything?  Exercise isn’t a treatment.  Exercise is a genetic requirement for health.  This is a fundamental difference in wellness vs. allopathy.  Do you know anyone with anxiety or depression?  How likely are they to exercise?  It’s not going to happen.  What do you think the results were?  A 60% decrease in GAD symptoms for those that did resistance training and a 40% decrease in GAD for those that did aerobic training.  Plain and simple, exercise increases health!

Exercise is absolutely necessary for health.  The benefits of exercise go far beyond the endorphin release that causes eurphoria.  The major component of exercise that helps is movement.  Have you ever heard the phrase movement is life?  The reason is that movement actually drives your brain.  In fact, it will directly stimulate your frontal lobes which help to keep you from having depression and axiety in the first place.  As well, your frontal lobes are major control centers for lots of functions in your body.  Have you ever noticed people that exercise are happier?  or suffer less chronic disease? or have a healthy body image?  This is because your frontal lobes direct all these functions!  What’s great is that chiropractic affects them, too!  We have the ability to increase those same control systems just by adjusting any joint in your body!

Ultimately, exercise, just like nutrition, should never be a treatment.  It should be a way of life.  I hope we soon realize how we are going about health all wrong.  We (and that includes YOU!) have to start making changes ourselves to move towards health and away from sickness.  Now that the blog is done, feel free to get up and do some push-ups, some squats or go for a run!

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC


About allenchiropracticneurology

At Allen Chiropractic Neurology, we understand that successful health care is the result of treating the whole person, not an isolated symptom. ACN provides corrective and preventative care for neurological conditions, such as vertigo, carpel tunnel or nerve problems. Our holistic,non-invasive and drug-free treatments are specifically designed to help you eliminate symptoms and achieve long-term health and vitality. * Neck, back, shoulder and leg pain * Whiplash * Sports injuries * Migraines * Infants and children's exams * Neurological conditions
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